Strawbaby Est. 2021

Beadwork that is rich in tradition

Niiostoseraah Thompson

Niiostosera:ah (Small Feather) Thompson, Founder, Deer clan, is a Haudenosaunee Raised Beadwork Artist from Akwesasne Mohawk First Nation. She started creating beadwork since she was young and some would say "she was born to bead." She was taught by her mother Margaret Thompson, a self-taught bead artist that began her artistic career making dream catchers.

Niiostosera:ah possesses a wide variety of indigenous art forms including moccasins making, pottery, painting, quillwork, tufting, and fashion design. She is a firm believer in cultural revitalization and does so by teachings workshops for everyone to learn more about her culture and heritage. 

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