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Meet the Artist

Niiostoseraah Thompson, of Akwesasne

Niiostoseraah, known by her traditional name "Small Feather," is a Mohawk woman from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Her identity is woven together by the threads of her cultural heritage and her unyielding passion for the world of artistry. Her journey, like the flight of a feather, has taken her from the heart of her Mohawk roots to the bustling city of Ottawa. Where she is honing her skills in fashion design and her handmade sewing skills blossomed, as did her desire into graphic design. Her vision extends to print on shirts and skirts, with a focus on ready-made pieces before delving into couture. Her company, aptly named "Small Feather Empire," is a testament to her grand vision for her creations. With a dedication to crafting pieces that transcend time, she has become a beacon of artistry and entrepreneurship, a small feather with a big impact.

  • Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards Pin

    We are proud to announce that Small Feather Empire was selected to create the award pins for the recipients of this year’s Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards!

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  • Small Feather Empire: Strawbaby Earrings are the talk of the town

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  • Jae Alani - Mrs. Ontario World

    Mrs. Ontario World herself reached out wanting to wear our beadwork! "Thank you, the earrings are totally my style! i love them so much!!!!!" - Jae Alani

Indigenous Workshops

Join us as we unravel the artistry and cultural richness of hand-made Haudenosaunee beadwork. Small Feather Empire invites you to cherish the tradition, embrace the heritage, and become apart of the narrative that celebrates the exquisite beauty of craftsmanship and the timeless allure of cultural pride.

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Art Commissions

Niiostoseraah is an experienced Indigenous beadwork artist who provides professional art commission services. With a deep connection to their cultural heritage and a passion for beadwork, they offer custom creations that reflect the rich traditions and stories of Indigenous art. From intricate beadwork jewelry to decorative pieces, each commission is crafted with care and authenticity to bring the client's vision to life in a meaningful and artistic way.

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